HUD 203(k) and Renovation Loan Inspection Services

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Buy a Home and Renovate It with one loan. The HUD 203(k) Program is great purchase plus loan program.

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We follow the HUD

Suggested Inspection Fee Schedule

Independent Consultant Fee.  A fee of $400 is acceptable for a property with repairs less than $7,500; $500 for repairs between $7,501 and $15,000; $600 for repairs between $ 15,001 and $ 30,000; and $700 for repairs between $30,001 and $50,000; $800 for repairs between $50,001 and $75,000; $900 for repairs between $75,001 and $100,000; and $ 1,000 for repairs over $100,000. An additional fee of $25 can be charged for each additional unit in the property under the same FHA case number. For this fee, the consultant would inspect the property and provide all the required architectural exhibits. State licensed architect or engineer fees are not restricted by this fee schedule. The architect and engineer fees must be customary and reasonable for the type of project.)


We charge an additional feasibility study fee for all jobs as a cost saving protection for our clients.




PHONE: 877-932-7177
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 VA, MD and DC

Use the HUD 203(k) Program for minor home updates or for buying a home in distress.

Buy A Home And Renovate With One Loan